The energy labelling of vacuum cleaners

As of September 2014, the European Union introduces new regulations; Energy labelling and Eco design requirements in order to reduce the energy consumption of vacuum cleaners.

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In the details

The Energy Rating

The overall energy rating takes the actual used energy and the cleaning performance into account

Annual energy usage

The annual energy usage is measured as 50 hours of vacuum cleaning a year


The better the rating, the cleaner air comes out of your vacuum cleaner. As a general rule of thumb - HEPA 13 gives you an "A" rating in emission


The sound level measured at 1.5 meter from the vacuum. That is where you normally would stand doing cleaning tasks

Pick-up - Carpets

The rating for dust pick-up on carpets, shows you how good the vacuum cleaner and nozzle is at cleaning your carpet

Pick-up - Hard floors/crevices

The rating for dust pick-up on hard floor, shows you how good the vacuum cleaner and nozzle are at cleaning your hardfloors and the crevices in them

Choose after your needs...

These new type of ratings give you, as an consumer, a much better tool choosing your vacuum. If you suffer from allergies in the family, choosing a vacuum with the best possible filtration rating seems a good idea. Are you focused on actual cleaning performance - a compromise between dust pick-up on hard floor and carpet seems smart.

Emphasis on energy

The new regulatins have made sure that we as vacuum producers choose the best energy friendly motors, to optimise the cleaning performance with energy usage. We recommend that you have a look at the Nilfisk Elite Energy models for an "A" rating.

Recommended product

Elite Energy

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Emphasis on performance

To get the best cleaning performance we recommend the Nilfisk Comfort and Elite Superior. For smaller living spaces we recommend the Nilfisk Power

Recommended product

Elite Superior

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Emphasis on noise

Most people prefer to have their appliances being quite. To help you as a consumer, the sound level is on the rating. Our lowest machine is actually more quite than seen here, since it is masured at max setting

Recommended product

Nilfisk eco

68 d(B) See product information

Emphasis on allergy friendly

If you or someone in your family have allergies to house dust mites, cat or dog hair or pollen, this vacuum cleaner can prove very helpful. All Elite models are 100% HEPA tight, delivered with a HEPA 14 filter - and rated with "A".

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